Sure, you knew you could follow Gawker.TV on facebook, but did you know each of our editors have their own pages now, too? Inside, we break down who you should follow and why!

Richard Blakeley

Follow Blakeley For: All the bizarre pop culture viral videos you want to send around and post on the Facebook walls of your friends and family. Do you like to watch things blow up? Do you like watching crazy people talk about cats? Do you like seeing people get rocket launched from mega slip and slides? Then what are you waiting for? Follow me.
Follow Blakeley on twitter @blakeley

Matt Cherette

Follow Matt For: Nightly highlights of Jon Stewart on The Daily Show (as well as the best, water cooler-worthy moments from the rest of the late-night lineup); all the best controversy from the seemingly innumerable amount of primetime cable news talk shows; anything related to Larry King, Andy Rooney, and/or other old people; the best viral videos that the Internet has to offer, and much more! Oh, yeah: and cats. Lots of cats. And I don't even like cats!
Follow Matt on twitter @mattchew03

Whitney Jefferson

Follow Whitney For: Lots of clips from the TV! I regularly watch the late night shows as they air and an incredible amount of daytime while I'm here in the office. I particularly enjoy comedies like Parks and Recreation, Archer, Community, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia but can't say no to reality train-wrecks like The Real Housewives franchise and Millionaire Matchmaker, either. Each week, I provide recap from my favorite show The Soup (meta!) and as a nostalgia-fiend, appreciate throwback clips from the past. I'm never immune to a well-made sketch from Funny or Die and the like, and love a good stand-up routine. Following my feed will provide you with wacky television moments that generally strike me as funny.
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Matt Toder

Follow Toder For: Original videos, TV clips of all kinds and an obsession with pilots. If you want more of the video clips that didn't exist until Gawker.TV birthed them to world, then look no further. I'm the guy editing those guys together, like the Edited for TV post and, of course, all those Movie Fails. That compilation of 2010's best cat videos? This guy. The best dog videos of 2010 as well. I also have a deep love for pilots, so if you follow me you'll get the lowdown on every new show on the TV schedule. Yes, that's every new show. Plus, you'll get plenty of TV clips and a smattering of what the internet has to offer, from comedy sketches to amazing animations.
Follow Toder on twitter @sourcerecord