PBS' American Masters series positioned its spotlight on Jeff Bridges last night. As supreme actor in a talent-touched family, Jeff took his path of least resistance, and in turn some of film's most authentic characters live, and will live on.

Musician, Photographer

It seems merely calling Jeff Bridges an actor is inappropriate. His skills as an artist supersede the film world. His music, only recently receiving a spotlight, is as impressive as his photography skills which many still have no knowledge of.

He's played piano in films, he's belted out tunes during Oscar performances, and he's got his own band.


Jeff's even had his musical compositions in films, take his 1969 Soundtrack debut for example (John and Mary):

Many say he's the best WIDELUX photographer alive.


Family Man

One of Bridges major blessings is that he comes from a family that was tight knit even in the throws of success. Jeff has taken this foundation, and evolved it.

He's been with his wife since 1974.

Big brother Beau "taught him everything he knows."

Master Actor

It isn't hard to believe that Bridges has appeared on a screen over 75 times, as he has been acting literally his entire life. From The Last Picture Show to The Fisher King to The Big Lebowski to Crazy Heart, it seems whatever The Dude can play, we can enjoy.

Peter Bogdanovich on Bridges:

Terry Gilliam on Bridges:

John Goodman and Robin Williams on Lebowski: