Two Florida teens, Taylor Wynn and McKenzie Barker, were arrested for allegedly setting up a fake Facebook profile for a classmate and posting fake nude pictures of her. They've been charged with felony counts of "aggravated stalking of a minor."

From the Naples News:

Nude pictures of a prepubescent girl's body with the victim's head placed on it were posted along with other comments. Another photo shows a man's genitalia near the victim's head.

Detectives subpoenaed records from Facebook and Internet providers to learn the identity of the suspects.

One girl told deputies she made the page as a joke because she thought it would be funny. At one point, she said, she and the victim were friends, but they don't like each other now. She said no one liked the victim and thought it would be a funny joke to make the Facebook page.

The Facebook page has 181 friends, but apparently the victim didn't even know about it.

There's a powerful lesson here for kids: limit your bullying to strictly offline pursuits. Imagine if Taylor and McKenzie had been passing around pictures with similar graphic material to their classmates in the hall. Would the cops be busting down their doors and blogs picking up the story?

[Mugshots via The Smoking Gun]