Remember Felicity's Scott Foley? He was on Grey's tonight. And that patient who had his fiancee trampled by horses on his wedding day? Ricky from My So-Called Life! So many awesome guest stars tonight! You know, in my humble opinion.

First, Wilson Cruz stopped by Seattle Grace tonight because he had his husband-to-be trampled by three horses outside of their city hall commitment ceremony. You see, Wilson tried to make a simple civil partnership into a really grandiose special occasion as gays like us are wont to do. Unfortunately, when you try to have a horse-drawn carriage and a set of bagpipers in the same wedding disaster tends to follow. Everyone seemed to think he should have known that and treated him like some flippant queen who put his partner in danger in order for the show to go on. How dare he try and make his civil ceremony so flamboyant?! Serves him right! At least we all thought so until Shonda Rhimes hit us with this whopper of a pro-gay marriage speech:

[There was a video here]

And then we all felt guilty for making fun of his wedding ideas but not for laughing at how ridiculous Ricky Vasquez looked in a kilt. A little eye-liner may have helped.

Then there was Scott Foley. Last week, Dr. Altman got married to a patient so he could use her insurance. Remember that? Unfortunately, the only interesting thing about this plot line aside from it being very topical is that it features Scott Foley. Unfortunately, that's where my interest ends. I mean, the fact that a former WB actor so beloved is in such a crappy B-story is probably the saddest thing to happen to Scott Foley since Felicity chose Ben over Noel.

Anyway, that's all that really happened that I care to talk about. Although in another odd flashback to the 90's there was a patient who didn't really have a proper face. Missing her cheek bones or something funny like that. Here's what she looked like.

Man Without a Face. Remember that movie? And remember when Mel Gibson movies were something people wanted to watch? Now that's nostalgia.