Today at Gawker.TV, Kelsey and Camille Grammer talk shit about each other on separate talk shows airing simultaneously, Ricky Gervais prepares for the Golden Globes, and Donald Trump struggles to portray "Whip My Hair" in a game of charades.

Kelsey Grammer Addresses His Divorce From Camille on the Late Show
After Camille's big reveal about their divorce on last night's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, viewers collectively cringed when David Letterman asked (as only he would) "I'm under the impression that your marriage is ending. Is that a fact?"

Camille Grammer Spills All the Dirt About Her Divorce to a Bespectacled Andy Cohen
Yesterday was quite a day for Camille and Kelsey Grammer. Their divorce-centric episode of Real Housewives aired, Kelsey opened up on Letterman, and we learned on Watch What Happens Live that Camille met his new squeeze last night as well!

Ricky Gervais Wants to be Adolf Hitler, Conan Wants to be Dick Van F&%^ing Dyke
Last night Conan talked to Ricky Gervais about his Golden Globes hosting gig—if you call jumping around pretending to be a chimney-sweep conversing. Ricky, however, was able edge in the fact the Globes people aren't keen on Nazi humor.

Watch Donald Trump Try to Act Out Pop Culture References During a Game of Charades
After announcing the cast of The Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump played charades on Late Night with two of the show's cast members: Lil' Jon and NeNe Leaks. The face he made when pulling "Tardy For the Party" says it all.

Bobby Moynihan Discusses Playing Saturday Night Live's Version of Snooki
Bobby Moynihan, how we love thee! As if his portrayal of Snooki on SNL wasn't enough, last night's revelation that he spent his 30th birthday painted orange and wearing a poufy-haired wig for the role absolutely sealed the deal.