Rumor has it 10,000 people RSVP'd for last night's MTV's Skins Warehouse Party before they had to close off their list on Wednesday. Gawker.TV was there and this is what happened.

The set-up was pretty nifty, you fill out their online form and give them your email. I'm waiting for the torrents of MTV spam I've exposed my poor inbox to. MTV sends you an email on Friday revealing the location of the party. Defeating the entire point of the RSVP though, it'd then be first come first serve to get in night of the party. Efficient...

But there was one more trick to getting into this not-exactly-exclusive premiere party, if you copied and pasted the address that went out via email on 1am Friday morning into Google Maps, you would have ended up in Brooklyn. If you went by the zip code provided in the address you'd find yourself at the right spot, a warehouse on West street in Manhattan. Yes, it was in fact that needlessly obtuse.

The first 300 kids lined up down the street got in. An aside: the only "Skins"-like moment of the night were the high schoolers behind me doing coke while their girlfriends peed on the sidewalk an hour and a half into the two hour freezing cold wait.

If you got in you'd find yourself awash in day-glo, smoke machines and a strange party that was equal parts rave and small town carnival. There was a rave themed moon-bounce and blacklight-face-paint... neat... Think "dance party themed" Bar Mitzvah with a real big budget.

The cast of the show was there too, they'd come down from an upper level, no drinks in hand, answering the pressing question of the night—whether or not the underage cast would be seen partying. Perhaps they left their drinks upstairs.

The entertainment was decent, including Klever, Drop The Lime, and Kill The Noise. The DJs played throughout the night, hunched over laptops, cranking out house and dubstep. A break in the rave came around 12 when Sleigh Bells came on-stage to play possibly the loudest set the human ear can handle. Also, what on earth is their guitar player for? I don't think he does anything their laptop doesn't.

But just like Sleigh Bells' "rock" set, just like MTV's "rave" giving out Red Bull and glow sticks to teenagers, possibly just like the U.S. version of Skins, it all looked like the real deal, but wasn't. It had the trappings of an out of control teen party, but it was big and noisy and showy and kind of hollow. An upside was the beer was only $5.

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