63 year-old veteran James Eric Fuller was shot in the knee during the Tucson shooting. Yesterday, he was arrested and sent for psychiatric evaluation after threatening a Tea Party leader during a televised town hall. A very bizarre twist.

Fuller was attending a forum Saturday about the shooting that was being fillmed for ABC's This Week, when talk turned to gun control. Fuller apparently likes gun control so much that he threatened to kill a guy over it. (With a knife, presumably?) Trent Humphries, founder of the Tucson Tea Party, suggested that discussions about gun control legislation wait until after the funerals for the victims. Fuller got mad, stood up, took a picture of Humphries and yelled "You're dead." After the event he was arrested and sent for a mental evaluation.

Since the shooting, Fuller has suggested that conservative leaders like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin were to blame, delighting some liberals: "It looks like Palin, Beck, Sharron Angle and the rest got their first target," he told Democracy Now. He also has a profile on Hypnothoughts.com, "The free online hypnosis community."

Get ready for the debate: Was James Eric Fuller motivated by violent anti-violence rhetoric, or is he simply insane?

[Image of Fuller via Hypnothoughts.com]