The Golden Globes are Hollywood's chance to get a little drunk and behave inappropriately. Why should they be the only ones? Why not get a little drunk, behave inappropriately and make fun of their drunken inappropriateness in our live blog!

We'll be watching the live red carpet coverage on NBC starting at 7pm and then the awards show starting at 8. We'll be leaving questions, comments and snide remarks in the comments section below this post. Please come and join us. Just type something in the little box at the bottom of this post and then click the "Share" button next to it. Congratulations, you're live blogging. Look at all the other comments and reply to what people have to say, and don't forget to keep refreshing the page so that you can see the new comments and the replies to your comments.

There should be plenty of surprise winners, off-kilter speeches, and slurring celebrities, so there should be plenty of opportunities for jokes. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with, and we'll see you in the comments.

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