Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' astonishing survival gets even more astonishing: As soon as she could move again, her astronaut husband says, "she spent 10 minutes giving me a neck massage." Wait, seriously?

The Associated Press reports:

Giffords is now able to move around well enough that she gave Kelly a back rub from her hospital bed, [astronaut Mark Kelly] told ABC's Diane Sawyer in an interview that will air Tuesday.

"(It is) so typical of her. She's in the ICU. You know, gone through this traumatic injury. And she spent 10 minutes giving me a neck massage," Kelly explained. "I keep tellin' her. I'm like, 'Gabby, you're in the ICU. You know, you don't need - you know, you don't need to be doin' this.' But it's so typical of her that no matter how bad the situation might be for her, you know, she's lookin' out for other people."

The gesture seemed to comfort Giffords and shows that his wife is improving and that her spirit and their personal bond remain strong, he said.

Is Gabrielle Giffords real, or is this the patriotic fever dream that happens when you fall asleep watching Braveheart on the fourth of July? For the record, if I ever get shot through the brain, wake up, and put my hands around somebody's neck, it will be to hold him hostage while demanding a faster morphine drip and better hospital food. [AP, images via AP]