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The Social Network depicts Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as an antihero who ends up chastened, awkward and lonely. But now that the movie has gleaned $200 million and four Golden Globes, its makers are proclaiming Zuckerberg a valorous rock star.

After the Golden Globes last night, producer Scott Rudin claimed that "for younger people, Mark Zuckerberg is a rock star... They agree with what he does — they think everything he does is entirely justified." Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, meanwhile, used his acceptance speech to tell the Facebook founder, "you turned out to be a great entrepreneur, a visionary and incredibly altruistic." Sure, Sorkin said just this past fall that Facebook "is pushing us further apart," and admitted his movie portrayed Zuckerberg as an "awkward... extremely complicated... antihero."

But Sorkin always maintained Zuckerberg was, at the very least, "not a bad guy." And now that some of the 26-year-old billionaire's success has rubbed off on Sorkin and The Social Network, Zuckerberg's apparently looking downright swell.