We've already told you what we think of MTV's SKINS, which premiered tonight. The episode may have been entertaining for people who have never seen the original British series, but we're sticking to our guns: this remake sucks really badly.

As we told you before, the Americanized pilot is basically a shot-for-shot remake of the UK premiere... Except, you know, without all of the swearing, nudity, good acting and decent set design. Strangely, the producers decided to lift a few lines of dialogue verbatim, which resulted in some "lost in translation" moments. Add some cringeworthy original lines ("I get to park my Chevy in Michelle's garage?" Seriously?), apathetic young actors who seem to coast through the entire hour, and adult actors who seem hell bent on overacting to make up for it, and you are left with the destruction of a truly awesome show. The results are so bad, it's depressing.

[There was a video here]

Oh God, why.... WHY?! Trying to run down the premise of tonight's crappy rehash of an episode is too painful a task to undertake (and besides, Videogum's Twitter account already did a pretty great job of that). Instead, I'm going to implore you to take the time to watch the British series, currently available on streaming Netflix. Let the episodes speak for themselves! We have a feeling that once you've compared the two premieres, you'll agree with us.

Think the show will tank? Think we're being too harsh with our opinions? Let's discuss in the comments.