Forces beyond our heroines' control almost end relationships on Pretty Little Liars. Since one relationship is between a student and teacher, dissolution is for the best. However, the other love was really sweet! Thankfully, guardian angels kept both loves safe.

Now that Emily's dad has been called to help with Army training in Texas, Emily's mom is free to be harshly judgmental of Emily's relationship with Maya. The straw breaking Emily's mom's homophobic back is Maya's rudeness in referring to her by her first name. The series of events spiral out of control and Emily's mom gets Maya sent away for using drugs. Before Maya leaves, Emily's friends set up a surprise for her.


That was very nice of them. Hooray for friendship!

Meanwhile, Aria and Mr. Fitz get lucky in both the euphemistic sense and the sense where Mr. Fitz does not have to resign and stop sleeping with his student.

The moral of this story as that academic dishonesty is worse than using your authority and influence to carry on a relationship with a high school student.


This week's episode also has a surprise ending where the girls find out Alison's connection to Spencer's husband, Ian. The girls also get surprised as the video they see turns into a snuff film.