With the introduction of some new characters and the return (!) of old ones, the second episode of this season's Greek does not disappoint.

Ashley is finally back from big, bad Manhattan! Lonely and fed up with her roach-infested apartment, unpaid job, and fascist boss, Faith Flowers, Ashley goes out for a coffee run and never returns to her job. Instead, she returns to ZBZ without a plan. She does however, bring a few important lessons with her. Ladies living the Sex and the City life, if you haven't already been using your coasters as roofie detectors, please watch for a brief lesson:

Over at the KT house, Cappie and Calvin have laid aside the issues between their feuding Fraternities to become partners in their philosophy class. Their assignement: to assume the roles of Plato and Socrates and debate the age-old question, why are we here? Naturally, they get "baked" ("stoned," "get high," and "smoke pot" were all used during the episode) and act a fool:


And finally, after learning of the whole Joel-scathing-letter debacle, Casey's fellow law students believe that she slept her way into law school and want nothing to do with her. We really feel for her during her Elle Woods pariah moment, when Evan and Mean Girls reject her from their study group. But just when we think all is lost for Case, the best character ever to appear on this show makes her debut. Moving forward indeed!