The Way We Live Now: wasting money. Just absolutely blowing scrilla like there's no tomorrow. We're on a paper chase—chasing it right out the door, into a fire or something! Wasting money's great. Until you run out of money.

In Georgia, there's a fishing museum. Paid for with your tax dollars. I mean really! Fourteen million tax dollars for a fishing museum! This is a monstrous example of government waste. But only because it's in Perry, GA. How many fucking tourists can you possibly get in Perry, GA? Put that shit in Portland, Oregon, sell some nice t-shirts, start a locavore cafe in it, it'll be a good investment.

See, it's not government spending that's the problem; it's dumb government spending. The only people against government spending in general are survivalist loons, and they still support government spending that goes towards developing new and more lethal assault rifles that can one day be bought in semi-automatic form and then modified to full auto with a black market conversion kit. But in this era in which Citigroup is making money again and superluxury brands are on only the briefest of hiatuses, it can, admittedly, piss off the average American to learn that all his voting and tax paying only produced a bunch of elected officials who got his town into California's biggest municipal bankruptcy in a decade.

Especially when that town is Vallejo, where E-40 is from. It's like, come on. E-40 knows 643 slang synonyms for "money." This is quite the embarrassment for him and his neighbors. Has America lost its sprinkles?