New York City has the biggest income disparity of any big city in America. In completely unrelated news: guess how much Goldman Sachs pays it partners? Just try to guess!

The New York Times and Footnoted did a little review of Goldman's financial disclosures. This completely public information still holds the amazing ability to shock and amaze!

  • Current Goldman partners: 475
  • Total current and former partners: 860
  • Amount of Goldman stock cashed out by that group in the past 12 years: $20 billion +
  • Approximate average cashed out per year per partner: $1.94 million
  • Amount of Goldman stock still held by that group: $10 billion +
  • Percentage of current partners who are male: 87
  • Approximate value of Goldman stock held by CEO Lloyd Blankfein and family: $355 million

"Although the top 1 percent of New York's earners took in 45 percent of the income, they paid 34 percent of city property, sales and income taxes."

[NYT, NYP, photo via AP]