The State Department has released a list of gifts to federal employees, including President Obama, from foreign governments in 2009. (Diplomats have been playing with them for a full year.) So which foreign dignitary gave our president the cheapest gift?

New York's Dan Amira has already listed the most expensive gifts Obama received, the winner being some campy desert landscape decorated with garish marble and gold crap from the King of Saudi Arabia. The tasteless State Department values this at $34,000.

But what about the other end of the spectrum: Who was the cheapest gift-giver? That would be His Excellence Dr. Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, whose gift, a "bottle of olive oil," is valued at $75. Olive oil! Any schmuck can buy that stuff at the supermarket.

How will this revelation damage the American government's relationship with Palestinians? Trick question—there isn't any relationship. We do nothing for starving Palestinians. But maybe if they gave our president campy, garish desert landscapes, we would! Okay, we probably wouldn't.

[Image via AP]