The season finale starts out with none other than Jason Davis. Jason needs to go to Hawaii. Shelly reminds him how wrong he is. Jason also questions his mortality. Oh Jason, Jason, Jason. What will Dr. Drew do with you?

And by the end of this 21-day reality television extravaganza, even the Shelly, who has been sober for 14 years, had enough. This woman deserves some props. In this video, she shares her final thoughts as the last celebrity leaves.


Even the elusive yet somewhat lovable Jason Davis surrenders to the wants of Dr.Drew. Oh joy! After doing so, Rachel admits that he might have a chance with her now. Overall, a pretty good day for Jason.

Dr. Drew escorts Rachel to Ground Zero and Central Park to help her to let go of her fiance, Andy, who passed away on September 11. Rachel meets a kindred spirit. Did fate step in for Rachel?

(ground zero)


All joking aside, (even though this can be extremely difficult when it comes to irrational celebrities), let's hope none of Dr. Drew's efforts were in vain, and that some of these people actually have opened a new door. God Speed, Celebrity Rehabbers. God Speed.