Ah, restaurant wars—the favorite elimination challenge of any Top Chef season, where the cheftestants scramble to open a successful pop-up restaurant in a matter of days. How did they fare? Video inside.

After winning a Le Bernadin-hosted fish butchery quickfire challenge, Dale was granted immunity for the elimination challenge. Furthermore, he was made captain of his own restaurant wars team, and was able to choose which chef would lead the competing squad. He picked Marcel to head up the other team because, duh, no one wants to work with that jerk.

Surprising no one, Marcel's team - comprised of Antonia, Mike I., Angelo, and Tiffany - immediately starts to bicker.


Dale's team, while certainly less at odds with each other, nonetheless has their share of drama, as it becomes apparent that the anger management courses Dale mentioned taking in the previous episode may not have worked.

In this edition of restaurant wars, the diners were given the power to choose the winner, which led to an emphasis on front-of-house skills. Unfortunately for Tiffany, her forced schmoozing and loud cackling struck a sour note.


SPOILER ALERT: In the end, Dale's low-brow yet sophisticated Bodega restaurant won the support of both the diners and judges in a landslide victory, with only 17 out of 70 diners favoring Marcel's Etch. Richard Blais was handed the individual win, being singled out for his clever homemade potato chips. Thankfully, Marcel was sent packing his knives, due to poor leadership skills, unnecessary use of foam and dry ice (typical), and general douchebaggery. When Marcel loses, everyone wins.