They're just doing too much, and they're doing it in a weird way. Also today: Johnny Depp takes another dose of whimsy, some shows get some actors, and a look at this year's Sundance crop.

Will Smith used to seem like a normal guy who just happened to be the biggest movie star in the country. Well, that was a long time ago. Now he's working tirelessly to make his kids big, big superstars and it's strange. He had success in this endeavor when his son Jaden scored a hit with The Karate Kid (Who Does Kung Fu, Not Karate), and then his toddler daughter Willow made a smash single called "Whip My Hair." These kids are unbelievably precocious in a way that is chilling and slightly alien. And the elder Smith has become chilling and slightly alien himself, the whole family has gotten strange, even Jada seems off — on HawthoRNe her eyes look tired and faraway and yet the rest of her seems buzzing with unnatural energy. Weeeird family, about to get weirder. Apparently Will and Willow want to team up to do a remake of Annie. It's not clear whether Will would be in it or just produce, but little Willow would definitely play the puff-topped orphan. Who should play Mrs. Hannigan? I vote John Travolta. Imagine him singing "Little Girls"! It'd be creepy as all get out. But in a good way? [Variety]

Well, Johnny Depp is clearly not taking my advice. He's in talks to replace Robert Downey Jr. in Oz, the Great and Powerful, playing the wizard. Oh well. Sure, fine. Have fun. Who am I to say anything. I live in a dilapidated old crab shack down by the docks and eat popcorn kernels for food. Clearly I don't know anything about having a successful movie career. Oh well. Anyway, I gotta go chase the seagulls out of my house. [THR]

Showtime has cast the female lead in their upcoming series House of Lies, the one starring Don Cheadle as a high-powered management consultant. Heroes actress Dawn Olivieri will play Cheadle's "crazy, pill-popping ex-wife" who is also a business competitor. Because it wouldn't be a Showtime show without a crazy and/or pill-popping woman character! [Deadline] Meanwhile a General Hospital actress named Annie Ilonzeh has apparently landed a role in the upcoming, sure-to-be-Peabody-winning Charlie's Angels update. Good for her. [The Wrap]

Here is a list of all the hip movies at Sundance that you should see when they come to your local art house, featuring everyone from Miranda July to Paul Rudd to Winter's Bone-ers. (Heh.) After you see the movie you can bike over to the free-trade java place and then maybe go take some photographs of that picturesque rusting old bridge down by the docks. Just stay outta my crab shack! [THR]

NBC has ordered the "Harry Potter for grownups" series from Battlestar Galactica creator Ron Moore, The 17th Precinct. Yes, certain people, I did just type Harry Potter and Battlestar Galactica in the same sentence. Are you exploding yet? No? OK. Let me try again: Joss Whedon will be directing David Tennant and Summer Glau in a new Golden Compass miniseries for HBO. Did that do it??? It's not true, y'know. I really just want to see someone explode. [EW]

The annoying Russell Brand might be starring in the annoying movie version of the annoying musical Rock of Ages. OK, now I've just exploded. FROM RAGE. At least it scared the seagulls away. [Deadline}

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