On last night's episode of Jersey Shore, Jwoww broke up with her boyfriend, Tom, over the phone. In retaliation, Tom went to her house, stole all of her stuff and maybe killed her dogs. Just another day on the Shore.

Jwoww has been dating Tom since Miami. Lately, they seem to be fighting more than usual. Most of their fights stem from either her not calling him enough or him not calling her enough. It's basically a lot of hanging up on each other. Jwoww is starting to get fed up so she starts taking up with an ex-boyfriend on the Shore. When she realizes she likes her ex more than Tom she finally breaks up with him over the phone.

[There was a video here]

That escalated quickly. I suppose it's in Jwoww's nature for things to escalate quickly. If Tom was in the room with her as opposed to on the phone she probably would have punched him in the face. After they talk, naturally, Jwoww has to rush home to see if he's hurt her dogs or stole her stuff.

[There was a video here]

Which he totally did! Thankfully, the dogs were seemingly unharmed, but he cleaned that place out. Not only did he steal money from her PayPal account, took her watch (a graduation present, mind you) and an external hard drive but he took her bed! Her entire bed! Honestly, I'm a little impressed Tom managed to take all of that stuff in the time it took Jwoww to get back home. I'm not sure how he got in to her house, or if he lived there or not? Jwoww found her key lying on the sidewalk outside her house. Maybe he had one and left it there in defiance? Or maybe she just keeps her house key on the sidewalk outside her house so she doesn't drunkenly lose it at the club.

I really feel for Jwoww. It's one thing to go through a break-up, it's quite another to get robbed. Knowing Jwoww though, revenge is just around the corner. Until then, I hope she gets back to hooking up with DJ Pauly D at Karma.