The Way We Live Now: laying down our burdens. Until we're chased off seconds later by a stick-wielding security guard. When will all the indebted people out there grow some perspective? At least you're not trying to sell a yacht!

Pity the poor fuckers who are trying to sell their yachts right now. I mean, can you imagine? In this market? Those unfortunate motherfuckers! They might as well be trying to sell Mr. Pibb at a Tab convention! I can't think of anything worse!

So think about that before you begin to regale the whole world with tales of your so-called "burden." Is it really a burden, in the yacht-selling sense? So states are desperately seeking a path out of their debt burden. But is debt really a burden—or an opportunity? It's a burden. But is it a burden that should consume us with worry—or a burden that could be best dealt with by letting go of our stress and living in the moment, accepting our situation for what it is? Clearly, it's one that should consume us with worry. Could really fuck us up bad.

Euro rescue burdens. Regulatory burdens. The burden of peace. Of peace! Goes right to my point, people will swear that any fucking thing is a burden! "Oh it's so peaceful, Jesus, if only I had someone to help me shoulder this heavy load of serenity and quiet." I mean come on. It's totally the Boy Who Cried Wolf About the Vagaries of State Unemployment. Learn your parables, debtors. Yes, it's a raggy road for everyone. At least you're not dragging a yacht.

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