If you're willing to brave the cold this weekend, there are some exciting new movies to see. Choose between Ben Affleck being sad, Colin Farrell being adventurous, Natalie Portman being embarrassed, and someone named Paprika Steen being named Paprika Steen.


A Danish film about a recovering alcoholic actress trying to regain custody of her two sons, Applause stars the improbably named Paprika Steen, who "gives herself .. wholly" to the performance. (New York and Los Angeles only)

The Company Men

This well-reviewed drama is yet another Boston-set picture starring Ben Affleck, but I'm pretty sure no one gets shot in this one. Upper middle class people do lose their jobs though, until a grizzled old carpenter named Kevin Costner comes and teaches them how to live. (Well, he teaches Affleck at least.) Tommy Lee Jones and Chris Cooper also star. (Limited release)

The Housemaid

Out of Korea comes a remake of the 1960 erotic thriller about a virginal housemaid who enters into an affair with her suave employer. The lead actress in the film, Jeon Do-yeon, is a superstar of Korean cinema who won the 2007 Best Actress award at Cannes. (Limited release)

No Strings Attached

Enough has already been said about how awful this terrible movie looks, so let's focus on the positive. Greta Gerwig is in it and she is a very likable actress, confident but unshowy. Plus Cary Elwes is in it too! (Wide release)

The Way Back

Peter Weir's long-delayed epic follows a ragtag band of prisoners who try to trek toward freedom after escaping a Soviet gulag in Siberia. So if you liked Ian Frazier's new book, maybe you'll like this too. Plus, Colin Farrell is never not dreamy! (Wide release)