On Friday, South Korean commandos raided a hijacked ship in the Arabian Sea, and killed eight Somali pirates in the process. South Korea released the video today, and Somali pirates promised to kill any Koreans they capture from now on.

In November, Somali pirates released another ship owned by the same company as the one rescued on Friday, for $9.5 million. Now, the pirates say they will give no quarter to Koreans who might be captured in the future. From Reuters:

We never planned to kill but now we shall seek revenge," a pirate who identified himself as Mohamed told Reuters by phone.

"We shall never take a ransom from Korean ships, we shall burn them and kill their crew. We shall redouble our efforts. Korea has put itself in trouble by killing my colleagues," he said from the pirate haven of Garad.

Yeah, that sounds pretty awful. Somali pirates don't usually harm their captives, and in some instances they even provide chefs and (relatively) nice living quarters for them. I guess South Korean sailors can say goodbye to all that.