Slamdance is known for edge, and one 2011 standout is Snow On tha Bluff, a doc about "rock" in Atlanta. Director Damon Russell, from A&E's The First 48, takes immersive to the extreme in this unflinching trailer.

"Snow on tha Bluff is a rare, authentic look into the much-mythologized world of the urban gangsta. From the ritualistic cacophony of shouts that leads up to a drive-by shooting, to the Harmony Korine-worthy image of a toddler smacking daddy's plate of crack cocaine baggies with a mylar "thank you" balloon, Curtis Snow, a charismatic Atlanta dope dealer, delivers this clear-eyed and unsentimental self-portrait with a winning mix of swagger, thoughtfulness, aggression, humor, and emotional honesty. Featuring impressively natural performances by non-actors, Snow on tha Bluff takes the discourse on the complex realities of survival in the inner city far beyond the scope of a typical Hollywood cautionary tale. Paul Sbrizzi"