For what seemed like no reason whatsoever, Kanye West appeared in last night's big premiere of The Kardashian Sisters Have Another Show—and It's In Your City! Let's break down the new developments in the lives of the Kardashians.

Ohh, we get it now—Kanye was on so that Kim could throw herself at him. Notice the bow-chicka-wow-wowww-style music as the scene goes on. Brilliant.

Kim met a guy, but he doesn't have her number despite the fact that she has his. Kourtney decides to be a jerk about it and dials his number. Obviously, Kim freaks out, Scott says something disgusting, and Kourtney fawns all over Scott. Predictable.


Finally, watch the two sisters demonstrate fantastic multi-tasking skills by having an argument while lifting weights. Hint: it's about Kourtney moving in with Scott.