In a welcome change in perspective, Beaver was all the rage on tonight's episode of Greek. As his mother always tells him, Beaver is the "star of his own show;" tonight's episode was truly all about the Beave.

After Katherine tells Casey that study groups are for losers and moochers, Casey finds herself with 1500 pages of reading and nary the study buddy in sight. Also in a classroom bind, and with a raging crush on Katherine, Beaver turns to Casey for help writing his "Tequila Mockingbird" paper. She agrees to help him in exchange for access to a mysterious, paper-selling web guru named, Dave. In addition to supplying students in the know with essays for every class, Dave is in possession of law school notes that Casey is dying to get her hands on.

And so the three new besties, Beaver, Casey, and Katherine, embark on a magical journey to (Club) Rio to find Dave. And find him they certainly do:

[There was a video here]

Better than the discovery of Heath's double – nay, triple!- life as a stripper and class paper dealer, is the episode's coup de gras: Katherine and Beaver have a sleepover! Stay tuned for more adventures between the lesser characters next week.