There was a time when Wal-Mart thought it could compete with Target. Ha. What a mistake that was. It's not the faux-yuppie Target shoppers Wal-Mart wants now; it's the dollar store shoppers. Welcome to America the Poor.

The NY Post reports that when it's not plotting how to infiltrate New York City, Wal-Mart has been urging its suppliers for cheaper, cheaper, cheaper crap.

According to several sources close to the company, the world's biggest retailer in recent weeks has begun aggressively hitting up its suppliers for "opening price point" goods — that is, the cheapest items in any given product category.

It's important to point out here, in order to have a balanced and accurate "business" story, that Wal-Mart is already full of cheap crap. The whole store is cheap crap. But not quite cheap enough for impoverished Americans, who have been flocking to Dollar General and Family Dollar for slightly cheaper expired jars of mustard and Bangladeshi knockoffs of various hair care products. These Dollars 'n Tears stores "pose the greatest threat to Wal-Mart," so now Wal-Mart will crush them.

Poors: say goodbye to your foolish dream of ever shopping anywhere other than Wal-Mart.

[Photo: Lordcolus]