Now that Republicans have gained a modicum of power in the United States Congress, it's time for them to recklessly interfere with local Washington politics! What's on the agenda? Banning gay marriage in the nation's capital, of course.

Republicans began drafting ideas for their broad spending cuts last week. One of the unimportant side effects of those cuts would be to completely destroy the District's fiscal situation and all of its social services. It's what America wants! Right?

And now we get this news from our overlords atop Capitol Hill:

House conservatives say they will pursue legislation that would ban gay marriage in the nation's capital.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee (RSC), told The Hill that he will push for a vote on the controversial issue in the 112th Congress. The RSC has 175 members.

"I think RSC will push for it, and I'm certainly strongly for it. I don't know if we've made a decision if I'll do it or let another member do it, but I'm 100 percent for it," Jordan said.

In the last Congress, Jordan was the lead sponsor on the D.C. Defense of Marriage Act. The bill was introduced after the D.C. City Council and then-Mayor Adrian Fenty indicated they would recognize same-sex marriages.

Now this wouldn't get through the Senate or President Obama's veto pen. But it's apparently worth wasting time on anyway. Ever since Washington started recognizing gay marriages, broad anti-gay-marriage groups like the National Organization for Marriage have been fielding city council challengers, exploiting gay marriage opinions across racial lines, trying to force ballot referendums, and the Supreme Court to simply force a referendum out of thin air. If House Republicans want to join in on this futile asshole parade, then have fun.

[Image via AP]