Last night on The Bachelor, the girls faced their biggest fears in the name of love. Chantal suited up and dove into the ocean while Michelle repelled down a tall building. Was it worth the emotional turmoil? Let's find out.

The first girl to confront her fears was with Chantal, who sucked up her "fear of deep water" to have a romantic time holding hands on the bottom of the ocean with Brad.


Next up was Michelle, whom you might remember from previous weeks as being the annoying drama queen who spent her 30th birthday having a mental breakdown on the Bachelor set. She faces her crippling fear of heights by repelling down a building alongside Brad—but not without freaking out about it for minutes on end. We've clipped the important bits (like a perfectly-staged kiss in mid-air) below.

This week's "group date" was a one-way ticket to the Loveline studio. First of all, who knew that it Loveline was still being broadcast as a radio show, and secondly—who the hell is Mike? Regardless, Brad thought it very important that all of these ladies open up in front of Dr. Drew.

Brad seems most concerned with cheaters and cheating, and there's a tense moment where Dr. Drew asks the nine girls to raise their hand if they had, in fact, cheated before. Stacy admits to it, and Brad seems to be okay with that fact. In the end, these were the three ladies eliminated:


Despondent screen-grabs from Forever Alone: Faces of Rejected Bachelorettes, a highly-recommended blog (in a sadistic, depressing way.)