Season 2 of The Fashion Show has come to a close with its three top designers showcasing their final collections.

In the final three were Dominique, a 21 year old just out of fashion school, Jeffrey, a unisex designer from Seattle, and Calvin, who has made it to the finals despite being pegged as exceedingly difficult and never having won a challenge.

For the finale, the designers were asked to design ten looks in one week. To help with the sewing, each was given the aid of one contestant who had been eliminated previously in the competition. This meant the reunion of Dominique and Dave, as well as the rekindling of the flirtation that they've been engaging in throughout the season.


Dominique's collection was inspired by "beautiful chaos" and "noise to silence." This was represented by draping, slings of fabric and funky tie-dyed prints. Though her outfits had appeal, their volume, lack of structure and weight would cause them to look terrible on 99% of women. Though her talent impressed the judges, Dominique came in as second runner-up.

Dominique's elimination left it down to Jeffrey and Calvin, both of whom closed their shows with long red dresses that were inspired by loved ones.


Jeffrey's dress was inspired by his mother who lost her life to breast cancer when he was 20 years old. The judges justifiably loved it.

Calvin created his gown in honor of his terminally ill lover. The judges praised him for his simplicity.

In the end, Jeffrey was declared the winner and Calvin was remarkably gracious.