Another Day, Another Nazi Scandal for Jesse James

Jesse James isn't a Nazi, he's just really "into history," OK? Padma Lakshmi's custody battle erupts. Jessica Simpson fights to keep an embarrassing exercise video under wraps. Wednesday's gossip roundup comes back to bite your well-toned butt.

  • Worst ex-boyfriend in America Jesse James is having another Nazi scandal. Whereas last time, Jesse was wearing a Nazi hat and doing a Nazi salute, this time he is driving a car while his friend wears a Nazi hat and does a Nazi salute. Apparently he also crayola-ed a children's book character to look like Adolf Hitler (Bold-face Hitler reference! That's a gossip roundup first!) which Us Weekly describes as "chilling." The pictures are from 2004, so there is a distinct (chilling?) possibility that the Nazi kid toy is somehow related to his children. "He's into history," explains an "insider." I actually find that claim more "chilling" than the pictures, because a Nazi aficionado that is also good at justifying terrible things is—how to say—a little too good at the faulty logic skills that enabled Nazis in the first place? Nazi history buffs : Actual history buffs :: NAMBLA : People who actually like kids. [Us, images via Getty and]

  • Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem had their baby. It's a boy. Mazel tov! [Us]

  • Mike Tyson and wife Lakiha Spicer Tyson also had a baby, also a boy. Mazel tov x 2. [Radar]

  • After finishing a detox cleanse, Jessica Simpson broke her fast by gorging on fried shrimp and creamy crab rolls. She ordered the most expensive sake in the house and got wasted, "dancing round the table" and stumbling drunkenly away at the end of the night, to the delight of the paparazzi. [P6, X17]

  • Speaking of Jessica, a "battle" has "erupted" over the distribution rights for an exercise video she shot, and no longer wants the public to see. Wisely, she realized that calling more attention to her weight was not a good plan. But it's a great plan for the people who paid for the rights to distribute said video! [Radar]

  • Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes is divorcing, according to her stepson, who must be relieved that he won't have to say "yes, that NeNe," every time people ask about his stepmother. [NYDN]

  • Padma Lakshmi is fighting baby daddy Adam Dell (of the Dell Computer Dells) over custody of 11-month-old Krishna. Apparently the current deal allows him seven hours with his daughter per week, and he has to fly to the Bahamas or wherever Padma happens to be at the time. His lawyer says Adam "tried his best to avoid going to court" but has "no other choice." [P6, TMZ]

  • Oprah Winfrey is "taking it slow" with her newfound half-sister Patricia, with whom she reunited on her TV show. Oprah went on BFF Gayle King's show (which is on Oprah's cable TV network) yesterday to talk about her feelings: "She coming into the family at this time has been a great peace offering, a great symbol of peace-making in this family. I would say I see her as a gift." The gift of mindblowing publicity and sky-high ratings, just as Oprah is launching her network. [People]

  • The central drama in Snooki and JWOWW's new TV show is a "MAJOR Toilet Paper Crisis." I can't believe this is how we entertain ourselves. [TMZ]

  • Secret Olsen sister Elizabeth Olsen is studying psychology at NYU, which is officially the preferred university of Olsens. They should put that in the admissions pamphlets. [Us]