He may have dated supermodels, but that doesn't mean he's not extra small down there. This actor is extra kinky and likes to expose himself in nightclubs. Let's hope that, unlike the rocker, he's a shower.

1. "This A list long time rocker from one of the biggest rock groups ever has a secret. Although he has encouraged a reputation that he is a ladies man and has dated supermodels in the past, he did so knowing he has a very small peen. Extra small. Small as his first name in inches. So small that when he goes on tour he only ever has sex with groupies that have had several of the band or road crew first. Our singer feels like this way she will be tired and not notice how small he is." [CDaN]

2. "This actor from a network show has gotten all fired up and pervy at the clubs over the years. He purposefully exposes himself to random girls and then propositions them. He is into threesomes and the occasional same-sex encounter. Oh, and he's married with kids. Even though his wife has been publicly humiliated by him in the past, she stays. Money, money, money." [Blind Gossip]