Passages, the celeb-friendly drug and alcohol rehab center whose Malibu facility charges nearly $90,000 per month, is considering opening a facility in the Hamptons—a fifth of their patients are from the Tri-state area! There's one major problem, though.

One major stumbling block to opening on the East Coast is the dismal weather. "It's easier to heal in an environment where it's beautiful every day," said David Kaiser, chief marketing officer for Passages.

Yes, it's easy to chillax in Malibu doing yoga and getting massages in your "resort-like amenities" at your rehab center that proudly states "We are not 12-step based, we won't place you in groups all day that preach the disease concept of addiction, and place degrading labels on you like addict or alcoholic." Until you come back to your home, in dismal New York—where you live, all the time—and watch the gloomy snow fall outside your window and wonder why rehab seemed so much easier, out in Malibu.