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Most Americans awoke early this morning to watch former Delaware Senate grifter-candidate Christine O'Donnell's State of the Union response, on Good Morning America. But here's the clip if you missed it. She didn't like it!

Good Morning America's producers thought it would be an educational experience to book Christine O'Donnell, a common witch who lost a Senate race by five million percentage points several months ago, alongside veteran Democratic strategist Donna Brazile for expert State of the Union analysis. That's just a great decision.

What didn't Christine O'Donnell like about the speech? Mostly that he refused to credit her for all the "Tea Party sound bites" that he used.

Former Republican Senate candidate and tea party phenom Christine O'Donnell says she agreed with "a lot" of the State of the Union address Tuesday night-but, she said, that's only because President Obama's most effective messages were taken straight from the tea party playbook.

"There were a lot of things I liked," she said on ABC's Good Morning America today. "But those catchphrases sounded familiar because [Obama] took them straight from tea party candidates… For example, ‘We have to spend within our means.' That's something that many candidates, including myself, said on the campaign trail several times.

"It's like he was using tea party sound bites to announce more big government spending programs," she continued.

Still better than anything Piers Morgan said on CNN last night.