As a result of her interview on The View today, we've discovered some new reasons to love Yvette Nicole Brown. Her shining moment, though, was her defense of "bigger" women in Hollywood.

She attributes her larger size to her upbringing, saying "I'm from Ohio—and we eat in Ohio—so I just took my Cleveland to LA." In response to Joy's question of whether or not she believed that trimming down to be a "skinny bitch" would help her career, she replied "I think people like to see the aspirational people—you want to see the beautiful Halle Berry's—but then you wanna see somebody that looks like you. So I'm eating for America."

[There was a video here]

Other reasons we love Yvette include: her hubby personality, gorgeous singing voice, long run on Drake and Josh, and the fact that she's clearly besties with Sherri (and as a result will be a bridesmaid in her wedding!)