Haven't gotten around to watching the Oscar nominated films yet? No problem. Simply watch these little tykes reenact five of the nominees and you won't miss a thing.

Black Swan

Much like the original, the costume choices in this kid version are killer. Children dressing in fancy sweaters and tiny jeans should certainly happen more often. Also, it's nice to know that one of this season's most controversial films can be summed up in three little words: "I'm going crazy."

127 Hours

This kid is spot on. Cutting your arm off "is gonna be gross."

The Social Network

If there's anyone who plays the role of a "punk/genius" more endearingly than Jesse Eisenberg, it's a child with an adorable lisp. Behold, "the smartest movie ever."

The Fighter

Burn! This wicked awesome clip demonstrates that "unintelligible Boston accents" are no different than three kids making noise.

The King's Speech

A stutter isn't nearly as precious or precocious on Colin Firth as it is on this kid. Watch for the "aww moment" at the end.