Meet Marcel Kuemmet, a former journalist in Green Bay, Wisconsin who recently became homeless. Yesterday Kuemmet took to chronicling his experiences on video at a local library in the hopes of going viral and landing a job.

He claims to be a former Army Ranger and all he wants is a laptop and a ticket to go report anywhere in the world. The video resume has certainly come a long way.

An email from Marcel Kuemmet:

Hello Richard.

Thanks for the story on me. Just for clarification, I was "assigned", but was in training for over 7 months, then actually served with WPNS Plt, C Co, 1st Bn (Ranger), 75th Inf for only 6 months. My highest achievement was earning something called a "Tiger Certificate". And that was only because I was being led by Sergeant Harvey L. Moore during a Bn Squad competition. We won.

My service pales in comparison with so many, so I don't want it to get blown out of proportion. I do, however, feel that with that experience combined with my backpack journalism experience and workflow, I would be well suited to an assignment overseas covering the US Military. If you or your readers/viewers are interested, I am going to keep documenting my experience on
Thank you.