A British soldier stationed in Afghanistan proposed to his girlfriend last week by leaving a message on her answering machine. Thing is, he dialed the wrong number. Now the hunt is on for the real lovesick soldier and his bride-to-be.

The 90-second message ends: ""Don't ever forget I love you, I love you so much, I love you with all my heart and I was going to ask you, don't answer, obviously you can't answer, but will you marry me?""

But the woman who got the message last Thursday, 44-year-old Diane Potts, has no idea who the soldier is. "I just thought: 'bless him.' He sounded so young," she told the Telegraph.

So, um, if you are this guy's girlfriend, he wants you to marry him. Hope it's "yes," now that the hopes of two continents are riding on it!