In your ice-encased Thursday media column: Sam Zell is done with you media types, Comcast wouldn't dream of touching NBC News, rabbis (in the pocket of George Soros, commie Jew) hate Glenn Beck, and The Daily is coming next week.

  • Awesome quote today from failed Tribune owner but still-billionaire Sam Zell: "The media loves nothing more than to cover the media. That's fine for the media. . . . I just don't need to be the media's bitch anymore." Hahaha, you keep on keeping on, Sam Zell! You're really much more of an asshole than a bitch.
  • Comcast , as it takes over NBC Universal, is publicly assuring everyone that it has all the respect in the world for NBC News and of course it would not dream of interfering with or cheapening the valuable NBC News brand. Just remember that one for later.
  • Rabbis of all types have united to buy a full page ad in the WSJ today calling on Rupert Murdoch to tone down Glenn Beck and Roger Ailes from being so crazy and calling everyone they dislike a "Nazi." This ad did not work, but what can you do?
  • Your daily The Daily update: press invites have gone out for the Feb. 2 launch of the iPad newspaper that will Win the Future! Rupert Murdoch will be there along with an exec from Apple. If Steve Jobs showed up in a hospital gown, that would be better.

[Photo via AP]