Barack Obama's new press secretary will be Jay Carney, who's been serving as Joe Biden's communications director. Before that he was a Time reporter, so steel yourself for endless "lamestream liberal media" screams from Sarah Palin and whatnot.

Carney will replace Robert Gibbs, who's only been handling Barack Obama's press duties for about six years. And he should have an good understanding of how rapid-response operations work after mopping up for Joe Biden all the time. But think: Only two or three years ago, he was Time's Washington Bureau Chief, a position he'd held for three years. He joined Time in 1988. Where are your journalistic ethics, Jay Carney? No other respectable media figure would ever accept this job! Except for Tony Snow, who left Fox News to be George W. Bush's press secretary. But still... the point is that the media is liberal, okay?