On tonight's 30 Rock, Jack had a brilliant idea: pre-record a celebrity-studded benefit for the victims of a natural disaster so that NBC would have a timely exclusive once the disaster actually happened. How'd it go down? Find out inside.

At the beginning of the episode, Jack explained his diabolical idea—to broadcast a disaster benefit on the night of the disaster itself—to Liz:

Jack even got Robert De Niro on board to record a message of hope for, well, any possible disaster:


Then, he got Jenna to record a similarly generic song:

Later in the episode, Jack's dreams came true: there had been a disaster on the island of Mago, off of Fiji. There was a lot of damage, but no human causalities. Success! So, Jack gave the go-ahead to prepare the benefit to go to air...


...but things took an unexpected turn when he found out who actually owned—and lived on—the island (not to mention the identity of the owner's companion). Unfortunately, it was too late:

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