Gossipy mobster Vincent Basciano, better known as Vinny Gorgeous, is going on trial next month for murder and racketeering, but he's upset about his "cold and moist" jail cell in the terrorist wing of Manhattan's Metropolitan Correctional Center. Poor Vinny.

The Daily News reports that Mr. Gorgeous's lawyer asked Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis to help his client out with the poor living conditions in jail, which he did, by relaying the message to prosecutors. Assistant U.S. Attorney Taryn Merkl said "we'll look into it," which means Mr. Gorgeous can probably count on some sub-zero, icy conditions from now on. Judge Garaufis and Gorgeous have a history:

Basciano has been held under jail conditions usually reserved for the most dangerous terrorists for more than four years since the feds seized an alleged hit list he wrote containing the names of Garaufis, a federal prosecutor and Bonanno turncoats who testified against him.

Basciano denies it was a hit list, insisting the names were supposed to be forwarded to a Santeria priest who could put a positive spell on his criminal case.

It's hard to imagine that the judge who appeared on Mr. Gorgeous's alleged hit list will go out of his way to make life in jail more comfortable. But more importantly, how will Vinny Gorgeous stay gorgeous for his trial if he's all cold and wet? His personal effects are getting "soggy."

[Image via AP]