No, not the show, but Sterling Archer himself. Last night's season premiere finds our hero trying to dissuade unwanted finger banging from a sixteen year old seductress hailing from a country where the age of consent is fourteen.

Meet Anka: At first glance, the slut-tastic teen heiress looks to be precisely Archer's type... at least until he hears her full bio.

And before even a word is spoken Anka makes her lust-filled cravings known, unfortunately Team ISIS has no faith in their headlining spy when it comes to sexual deviancy.


Here, Anka attempts to corner Archer, making it clear that she sees no moral boundries as she comes from the "Alabama of Europe." When Archer tries to pass on the jail-bait, he is presented with a full on kidnapper assault, and even though Archer saves a girl's life, like Rodney Dangerfield before him, no respect is received.

Covering his penis in that last scene with his travel bag o' bathroom gear, the episode continues with constant references to broken stitches (I.E. a euphemism for an animated hard-on). Next, a gallant getaway with a topless teenager ending in an ice cold predicament: Archer must fondle a couple of breasts for the strict hope no nerve damage takes place, and, unlike Archer's dignity, the day is saved.