It was reconciliation central on Jersey Shore this week. Jwoww and Ronnie forgive each other and then Sammi and Ronnie forgive each other. Well, that's before Ronnie started crying and was then promptly punched in the face by Sammi.

A night out at Karma is not unusual at the Shore. Nor is Sammi and Ronnie fighting. Sammi and Ronnie can be counted on getting into a fight at least once a week. This week's fight was about... something. I don't really know. I don't think anybody really knows anymore. What's important is that it left Ronnie crying to Jwoww.


This, of course, enrages Sammi to no end and she threatens to leave. That's not surprising. What't surpring is what happens next. Pauly D, Vinny, Snooki and... some blonde girl rally together and convince Sammi to stay. They convince her to stay in a real display of compassion. Except for the Situation, that is, but he was the one who instigated this entire fight in the first place.

Initially she says she doesn't want to hear their words of sympathy but she really does. Later, in the wee hours of dawn, she shuffles over to Ronnie and says "I'm sorry I punched you in the face" and they forgive one another once again. Sammi. Sweetheart. That's all we wanted to hear from you.