On Parks and Recreation, the entire town was hit with a bout of influenza. No one—not even Rob Lowe's physically perfect body—was immune to the damage. At least Ron and Andy got some bonding time out of it!

Leslie fought against being sick with every once of her being and succumbed to the hospital—until the broke out of there. She showed up for her important meeting and despite being nonsensical for the entire time she was sick, she managed to pull it together enough to deliver a speech that won over 135 local businesses. Meanwhile, April was first to be admitted to the hospital and unfortunately for her, Anne was the on-call nurse. Fun ensues!

Because April was hospitalized, Ron had to find a replacement for his reception desk that would be "just as ineffective." Enter Andy. He takes over the position and does a terrible job—just the way Ron likes it. Their bromance begins with Andy offers to pick him up a new kind of burrito. As Ron put it, "You had me at 'meat tornado'."


When they head out to the parking lot, we get another great running scene from Nick Offerman (watch last season's here.) I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something about his run that is so funny. In the end, Ron breaks his promise to April that he wouldn't tell Andy where she was, and he makes a sweet (yet Andy-like) bedside visit.