The Way We Live Now: expanding and contracting. It's natural, like inhaling smoke from menthol and fiberglass. The economy grows; the economy shrinks. People on the margins get crushed. The only way to survive: go crying to your rich uncle.

The good news: the US economy grew by 3.2% in the fourth quarter. Just imagine, if it kept that up, it would grow by 12.8% in a year, or by 64% over five years! Or by 320% over 25 years! You do the math, Americans: upwards is the way that our economy is traveling.

That said, controversy still exists. I mean, we had a whole panel and everything come together and issue a report on this financial crisis, which you'd think would put the thing to rest, but no, people are still disagreeing and trying to "put their spin" on it. Spin this, spin doctors: this report had an attractive cover and everything. No "A minus" grade around here! Strictly "A plus," at least on presentation!

The contents, we'd have to take more time to read.

But the banks? They don't need to waste time reading. They have a special secret way to stay financially sound: by borrowing from their rich uncle! Uncle Sam, you and me, the taxpayers! Hey Americans, if you loaned the banks all your money like that, why you wanna go and criticize them? If you didn't like bankers, you shouldn't have given them all that money! And now that you did, don't begrudge them their bonuses. They don't begrudge you the right to spend at the fastest pace in four years, even though you're broke.

This is how we "all get along." Duh.

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