Celebrate the last weekend of January by taking yourself to see a movie. You can choose from an East LA riches to rags tale, a depressing thing about Berlin, another Anthony Hopkins head-scratcher, and guns. Lots and lots of guns.

From Prada to Nada

One of the Spy Kids stars in this movie about rich girls whose father dies, leaving them penniless and forced to move in with their middle class East LA family. They learn things about life and privilege and family, but most importantly they meet boys. (Limited release)

Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster

This is not about your sys admin, you know, the guy who sets up IP addresses or something. (Though, that movie would be an amazing movie!) This is a martial arts flick all about a Wing Chun master. It's a sequel to something. (Limited release)

The Mechanic

Jason Statham and Ben Foster go about fixing things with guns. Donald Sutherland lumbers across the screen at some point. But mostly it's guns. So many guns. (Wide release)

The Rite

Anthony Hopkins's Oscar continues to rust in this exorcism thriller about a young priest (not Hopkins) learning about exorcism in Rome from an old priest (that's Hopkins) who, I think, gets possessed himself. I'm currently in a lawsuit with this movie for stealing the title of my as-yet-unproduced screenplay The Rite, a hilarious and touching comedy about working at Rite-Aid. (Wide release)

When We Leave

This is the tale of a young Turkish woman who flees her bad marriage and strict family in Istanbul and heads to Berlin. Of course things aren't terribly rosy there, either. Sigh. (New York & Los Angeles only)