The notorious tea party-backing, climate change-denying Koch brothers are hosting their semiannual secret meeting of 200 rich and powerful people this year in Palm Springs. There they will plot global domination and compare yachts. And no tweeting allowed!

Some liberal groups like are painting this summit at the Rancho Las Palmas resort in Palm Springs in such a sinister light: "An exclusive gathering of corporate billionaires who are meeting to plot strategy on how to dominate the 2012 elections," says Common Cause. Yeah, it is a little suspicious that the meetings are being kept under wraps, with no media or public allowed—and the words "secret," "billionaire" and "meeting" always produce a certain chill when combined.

But nobody plans real global domination at a meeting at a posh Southern California resort except in spy movies. Plus, Greenpeace already sent a blimp over the place in protest, and as far as we've heard, there have been no weather-control devices or black helicopters spotted. What we really want to see is the menu. Where's Wikileaks when you need them?