What is wrong with Anne Hathaway's pants? A few Charlie Sheen tidbits. New Kid on the Block Jonathan Knight officially comes out. Come, explore Prince William and Kate Middleton's Scotland. Sunday Gossip Roundup makes it all better.

  • Anne Hathaway wore some seriously crazy pants at a press event for her new animated film Rio on Friday. It sort of looks like she wrapped her legs in seaweed, then tried to paint a house. (The spots are actually studs!) Or those flaps are wings. Perhaps to fly away from earth after scorching the land with the ugliness of her pants. If anyone would like to defend Anne Hathway's pants in the comments before you are captured and returned to the insane asylum you escaped from, please, do so! [Daily Mail]

  • Charlie Sheen's latest porn star buddy, Kacey Jordan used to baby sit Britney Spears' kids while briefly dating Kevin Federline. Kacey has some magical attraction for train wrecks. [TMZ]

  • You know how Sheen's people said he was entering rehab Friday? He actually didn't until Saturday. His manager told people: "He was bombarded by every rehab in the country looking for his wallet and publicity, and he has been deciding where to go." [People]

  • After being accidentally outed by singer Tiffany, former New Kid on the Block Jonathan Knight came out himself to fans on a message board. His statement:

    "I have lived my life very openly and have never hidden the fact that I am gay! Apparently the pre requisite to being a gay public figure is to appear on the cover of a magazine with the caption 'I am gay.' I apologize for not doing so if this is what was expected! My belief is that you live your life by example, and not by a caption on a magazine! If there ever has been any confusion about my sexuality, then you are someone that doesn't even know me!"

  • Brittany Murphy's $7.25 million Hollywood Hills house is up for auction. [TMZ]

  • Former Hills star Whitney Port says her boyfriend Ben Nemtin is perfect. "I think he embodies all of the qualities of the perfect boyfriend." Celebrities always tell tabloids their significant others are perfect. For once, I'd like to see someone catalogue their partner's flaws in a highly-detailed infographic. [People]

  • Jesse James' ex-wife, porn star Janine Lindemulder was arrested in Texas for allegedly harassing James with hundreds of cell phone calls. But her lawyer says she was calling him because Jesse won't let her see his kids. What a Nazi. Lotta porn stars in the news these days, too. Nazis and porn stars: Is life turning into a Quentin Tarantino movie? [TMZ]

  • People spent some time exploring "Prince William and Kate Middleton's Scotland," where the two met at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland's oldest university. They met as 19-year art history majors in the dorms. (Art history? Looks like Kate Middleton was banking on marrying a prince since the beginning.) They ate chicken fajitas at The Oak Rooms, and took swims in the Fairmont St. Andrews resort pool. No word on where they would shotgun beers until they passed out [People]
  • Singer Bruno Mars will avoid jail for his September cocaine bust at the Hard Rock Hotel. At this point, though, anyone caught with less than a briefcase full of coke should probably just be let go. We have bigger fish to fry. [E!]

  • Here's a box of funny joke condoms celebrating Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding. "Combining the strength of a Prince with the yielding sensitivity of a Princess-to-be, Crown jewels condoms promise a royal union of pleasure. [TMZ]