Since he didn't take care of his mistress she's taking it public. This actress has herpes, this actor needs Viagra, and this actress loaded up on swag at Sundance. That's how you live large without selling a sex tape.

1. "This athlete and his celebrity wife spent a lot of money on attorneys over the past year in a desperate attempt to cover up the athlete's cheating scandal. Everyone got paid. Except the mistress. That wasn't smart. Because now she is offering up a sex tape to the highest bidder. Scoooore!" [Blind Gossip]

2. "Sorry this is late, but how about I tell you Charlie Sheen has the herp. That should make up for it a little. Anyway there is a former A list movie star who is still a solid B and beloved by a blogger to the north. Anyway it turns out our actor recently caught the same disease. Wonder if that played a part in his most recent breakup." [CDaN]

3. "Which hot actor was seen asking numerous famous people for Viagra after things got hot and heavy with an actress during a night of hard partying?" [P6]

4. "Which high-ranking entertainment executive got Sundance off to a flying start by offering free ecstasy— "the good stuff"—to partygoers, sparking a lot of love in the room?" [P6]

5. "Which Z-lister had to fly home in disgrace from Sundance in coach—paying extra for her bulging bags—after shamelessly feasting on the swag suites?" [P6]